DROP OFF: 9:20-9:30AM: Parents can choose to drop off their children in the drop off loop or park and walk them in.

PICK UP: Last Names A-H 12:05 / Last Names I-R 12:10 / Last Names S-Z 12:15

EARLY PICK UP:  Early pick up is strongly discouraged, as class is so short as it is. Pulling out a child early is disruptive to the student, class, teacher and staff. However in case of absolute necessity please text Morah Mikki at 647.824.7702 ten minutes prior to pickup, your child will be brought to the door to wait for you. Early pick is not allowed after 11:30 unless it is an emergency.

INDOOR SHOE POLICY: During the winter months, the salt makes things very messy in the school and can damage the hardwood floor in the classrooms. In accordance with Royal Crest's indoor shoes policy, all students are required to change into indoor shoes before entering the classrooms. Students are will leave their snow boots outside the classroom and change into dry, indoor shoes before entering the classroom. Parents please be sure to send a pair of shoes with you children.

KIPPAHS: A reminder to all Parents of our school policy that boys are to come to Hebrew School with a Kippah or hat. Please remember to send a kippah with your child. Thank you!

SNACK POLICY: A reminder about our new snack policy. We will allow students to bring their own snack to school provided it is Kosher and Nut Free. Due to allergies and our school’s kashrut policy, it is imperative that the snack fit the criteria above. We will be supervising the students during recess and reserve the right to take any snacks that do not fit with school policy. We will have tea biscuits on hand in case a student forgets to bring a snack from home.

TALMID HASHAVUA: We are super excited to announce a new partnership with Jacobs Deli. Each week, one student of Grade 1-7 classes there will be a Talmid Hashavua (Student of the Week). The winner will receive a coupon for a free Hot Dog and Fries at Jacobs Deli. We thank Jacobs Deli for this sponsorship and for supporting the JYN Hebrew School.

ACCIDENTS AND ILLNESSES: Minor injuries such as superficial cuts or bruises will be handled by the office. If there is any question as to the severity of the injury or its treatment, or if a child becomes ill in school, parents will be notified.  

HOMEWORK: Homework is a valuable learning tool, particularly when we try to condense a proper Jewish education in a very short time frame. A minimal amount will be given, yet it is essential in order for a student to progress. Parents should supervise their children's homework.

LATENESS AND ABSENCES: Please help to instil the habit of promptness in your child. Because of busy schedules, families often find the only time to plan vacations and special events is on the weekend. Unfortunately, this ends up cutting down significantly on attendance to Hebrew School. It goes without saying that children with a high absence rate fall quickly behind in his/her studies. In order to give your child the maximum Hebrew School experience, it is crucial to show him/her how important attendance to school is.


  • All fees must be paid in full by Dec 31, 2016.
  • A $100 deposit is due at the time of registration.
  • The deposit will be charged once your child is accepted into Hebrew School. Deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Cheques should be payable to "Jewish Youth Network"

REFUND POLICY: Before November 15 - 50% of tuition fees refund. Before December 15  - 25% of tuition fees refund. After December 15– No refund. There is no refund for daily/weekly absences. Please note that all cancellations must be made via email.