JYN Ambassador Program

SUMMARY: Under the supervision of JYN staff, JYN ambassadors work as official representatives of the Jewish Youth Network and introduce and lead prospective students in JYN’s various initiatives. Ambassadors are leaders and role models at their schools and in their communities and represent JYN as a positive, fun, and dynamic Jewish extracurricular organization.

RESPONSIBILITIES & DUTIES: JYN Ambassadors are responsible for actively networking with students for JYN programs such as Shbbaton, TFC, JYN Academy, Over the Top, etc. In addition to being active (or former) participants of JYN programs, Ambassadors promote JYN programs using ‘word-of-mouth’ with their friends and classmates, additionally, they introduce new students to JYN programs by leading brief lunch/after school information sessions with prospective students. JYN Ambassadors are also responsible for online outreach, through use of emails, Facebook, and contributions to the JYN blog (kosherpickle.ca). Ambassadors meet for a working lunch with JYN staff on a bi-monthly basis to discuss upcoming events, outreach techniques and to follow up with recruited students.

BENEFITS: Students involved in the JYN Ambassador program gain leadership, collaboration and interpersonal skills while serving as role models to peers and younger students. In addition to widening their skill set Ambassador benefits include: Community Service Hours, Job experience/ References (for College/University applications, resumes & CV’s), Exclusive JYN perks (such as tickets to sporting events and the like)


  • Cole Resnick: - President Gr. 12 - Westmount C.I.
  • Erin Rudolph: Gr. 11 Stephen Lewis S.S. 
  • Jared N Rossman: Gr. 11 Thornhill S.S.
  • Josh Dusang: Gr. 10 Westmount C.I.
  • Naomi Benayon: Gr. 11 Westmount C.I
  • Romy Weltman: Gr.11 Westmount C.I.
  • Ryan Levy: Gr. 10 Westmount C.I.
  • Keli Sokoloff: Gr. 12 Stephen Lewis S.S.
  • Kaitlin Krupski: Gr. 12 Stephen Lewis S.S. 
  • Mary Stone: Gr 9. Westmount C.I. 


  • Cole Resnick: Gr. 10 - Westmount Collegiate Institute
  • Erin Rudolph: Gr. 10 - Stephen Lewis Secondary School
  • Jared Noah Rossman: Gr. 10 - Thornhill Secondary School
  • Taylor Sylman: Gr. 12 - Stephen Lewis Secondary School
  • Josh Dusang: Gr. 9 - Westmount Collegiate Institute


  • Jesse Glazer: Gr. 12 - Tanenbaum CHAT Kimel
  • Jamie Forman: Gr. 12 - Stephen Lewis Secondary School
  • Cole Resnick: Gr. 10 - Westmount Collegiate Institute
  • Mia Korbin: Gr. 10 - TanenbaumCHAT Kimel
  • Jared Noah Rossman: Gr. 9 - Thornhill Secondary School
  • Erin Rudolph: Gr. 9 - Stephen Lewis Secondary School