Dear Friends,

JYN is unique in the fact that our reach engages close to 500 Youth weekly, and over the course of the year, nearly 2000 Youth—and growing steadily! As noted by the Ontario Government’s Youth Strategy Ideas Forum in their correspondence to us: “We do not have many organizations in Vaughan that work with youth, and you have by far the greatest reach…” –Julia Gersh, Vaughan Business Enterprise Center.

Moreover, we are assisting thousands of underprivileged families through subsidies and scholarships and providing assistance for thousands more through our TFC Community Outreach Program.

JYN programs have a strict focus on the youth demographic, and as such, we do not offer family memberships nor do we have the opportunity to engage parents and working adults in donation opportunities on a regular basis, as do many other organizations.

JYN Partners is therefore a means through which parents, supporters and friends of JYN can participate in and demonstrate support for our programs. It is also an opportunity for them to grow with us and to be a part of the Jewish Youth Network.

Please consider becoming a JYN Partner today. All Partners will be gratefully acknowledged for their dedication to the Jewish Youth Network.

Please take a few moments to explore all our partnership opportunities.